Vapor Fireplaces

Vapor Fireplaces - The Future of Flame

The Fireplace Place has the largest selection of vapor fireplaces in the Tri-State area. Styles range from traditional Vapor Fireplaces from Faber, to linear vapor fireplaces from Dimplex, Faber and NetZero. In addition, we have standard linear and custom sized vapor fireplace from Bespoke Vapor Fireplaces. Vapor is a great choice when planning a new fireplace as it can go anywhere, does not require venting to the outside, and since it does not burn gas to create “flame”, vapor is the sustainable choice. So how do vapor fireplaces work? Water is atomized using ultrasonic technology , turning drops of water into vapor (much like a e-ciggarette). That vapor is lit from the bottom using LED lights-- creating the illusion of smoke and flame that you need to see to believe. Cool to the touch, you literally can put your hand in the 'flame'.

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