hearth pads

Hearth Pads

Fireplace hearth pads are an important part of a fireplace. Hearth pads are made of fireproof material and are used to protect the safety of your home when you are using the fireplace. Fireplace pads may be used on the back and front section of the firebox. You want to make sure you have a fireplace pad in place in every area where a spark may fly out of the firebox and would cause damage if you did not have the hearth pad. Today hearth pads are used in most fireplaces regardless if the heat source is wood, gas or even electric. There are many  choices of materials that you can use as a hearth pad. Designers are using the hearth pad to coordinate the look and feel of the room. The Fireplace Place carries a broad line of hearth pads. We have a big selection to fit any need, shape, size, color or type of material you may be looking for.

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