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Fireplace Mantles and Surrounds

 If you are looking to upgrade the look of a room, an easy change to make is to update your fireplace mantle and fireplace surround. The fireplace mantel and surround should compliment the style of the room. Mantels and surrounds come in a variety of materials including, wood, marble and granite to name a few. The original use of a fireplace mantel was around Medievil times. A mantel was used to direct the smoke from the fire out of the room and out of the home. Since then mantels and surrounds have evolved into nothing less than a design statement. You have so many options to beautify your room simply by updating the mantel and surround. As your tastes change and evolve, don’t forget an easy but impactful change to incorporate into your new design esthetic is to change the look of the mantel and surround. This is a designer’s trick to quickly update and change the look and feel of a room instantly. It allows you to stay current and on trend. At the Fireplace Place we have many mantels and surrounds for you to choose from. Our expert staff is always eager to help you.

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